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Oaxaca Cheese - Queso Oaxaca from 10,00 EUR
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Oaxaca Cheese - Queso Oaxaca
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Oaxaca Cheese - Queso Oaxaca
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Queso Oaxaca – Oaxaca Cheese
Soft, delicious and mild melting cheese, which is made out of cow-milk, slightly salted.
Oaxaca is usually used in Latin America as au gratin but it is also very popular in starters, salad and pure to white bread.
In Mexico they use this Cheese for the Quesadillas

12 month with a temperature of -18°C
1 week in the fridge after defrozing

Fat content
i. Tr. 48 %
Notice: This Product is a frozen Product at - 18 degreese !! Shipping to private Customers will be unchilled and at own Risk! Item will only be shipped until Wednesday!
 Land of Origin: Germany
Content : 500 gr
Price per 100 gr.: 2,00 €
Ingredients: Cow milk, culture, firming agent calcium chloride, rennet, salt
Distributor/Lebensmittelunternehmer: Delicious Food and Drinks, Rüsterstr. 48, D - 53229 Bonn

This Product was added to our catalogue on Thursday, 17. January 2013.

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