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San Cosme
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San Cosme Mezcal


 The agave is a Mexican plant that has been part of our history. The Az-tecs used this plant to produce „agua miel“ or „pulque“. The Spaniards introduced destillation methods which enable the Aztecs to produce Mez-cal. The word Mezcal comes from Nahuatl melt and ixcalli, the combinati-on of both words means „oven cooked agave“.

Mezcal joven (White or Young Mezcal), 100% from agave, 40% Alcochol by Volume

colour: Bright, crystalline, unctuously caressing the glass of the Mezcal,

flavour: A scent of agave, with some hints of caramel, wood and earth

taste: Feel it´s gentle mouth-coating, with the flavour of smoky agave mixed with leather. At the end warm and pleasant

 Land of Origin: Mexico

Content: 0,7 Ltr.

Alcohol: 40 % Vol.

Literprice: 48,57 €

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